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Conflicting Programs Freezing MBAM?

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I had a machine today that was infected with a "system guard" variant.... I'm thinking Security Tool. Either way, I booted to safe mode tracked down the EXEs and renamed them to EX_. I rebooted and ran combofix. It cleaned some files, and then I proceeded to run MBAM. It froze within 2 minutes. I had to kill the app. I then scanned with SuperAntispyware and with Vipre Antiviurus (new installation). I removed some additional trojan related items. Machine now looks clean. Tried MBAM again, and it still froze. Ran MBAM full scan in safe mode and it found some additional items. Mostly adware. Tried MBAM again in regular mode. Still freezing. Scanned with GMER and RootRepeal. Nothing.

To make a long story short.... I used MSCONFIG to disable the startup items - - nothing else. Upon reboot I was able to scan w/o issue... and the system was clean as I thought. I'm trying to narrow down what app is conflicting, but it really seems that a legit startup item is causing MBAM to freeze during a scan.

Has anyone seen this before?


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