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Hello again,

At the moment i have Malwarebytes Free, and i update daily. Are all updates necessary? I notice that everyday i need to update, and if i had the paid version of your product, would only selected updates install? I don't mind updating daily, but am concerned about my download charges from my ISP.

Also, if i purchase your product, will it allow me to view the updates, and only install necessary ones, as does Windows updates? Thanks ahead for any input.

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Hi lazydave46,

New malware is being created virtually every single day. So, if you want Malwarebytes to be able to remove the latest malware, you should certainly update it at least once a day.

The paid version of Malwarebytes uses exactly the same updates as the free version. You can not selectively install updates because all the updates contain all of the malware definition files. So every update is a full database update. Whatever update is on the server at the time will give you the very latest malware definition files to enable you to remove the very latest malware.

The paid version of Malwarebytes will not only remove malware, it also has a realtime protection module to stop you becoming infected in the first place. This is very useful because if certain malware manages to infect your computer it can be very dfficult to remove it.

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I also will add, for the free version, you really only need to update the program prior to a scan. There isn't really a need to update it if you aren't going to scan with it right after. For example, if you scan daily, then you'd want to update daily. If you want to scan once or twice a week, then you'd update just before those scans once or twice a week.

As for the paid version, you would want to keep it updated as often as possible (at least once a day though) as it provides realtime protection on top of scanning, as well as some other features ;)

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