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Task Manager, System memory really low!


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This thread got me looking, and to be honest, I don't know how long this has been going on.


Looking down the list in Task Manager, under system, my laptop generally runs about 70,000 K or 80,000 K. Right now, it is at 248 K. This is not normal for my laptop at all.

I tried rebooting. I disabled MWB and had it not start with Windows and rebooted. Still the same. Shut down Microsoft Security Essentials and rebooted. Same thing. I'm not noticing any sluggishness in my laptop's behavior.

Anything to be concerned about? Maybe Microsoft Security Essentials is doing this, I don't know. I haven't noticed this before today.

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Hmm, googling around a bit, and maybe a lower number for this process is actually better? I have no idea. My desktop is running this process at 86,072 K, which is higher than usual, but not by much. I don't know what this means. Quite a far cry from 248 K anyway.

Just judging from my desktop's performance, when that memory number for System was low, my computer wasn't performing well. Like after OE compresses, the memory usage for System has actually gone down to 6, and then my computer is totally useless and needs a reboot.

Gonna go watch a hockey game. (Canada/US juniors, hehe!) Leave this computer stuff alone for a while. :P

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I'll answer my own question here. Re the amount under 'memory' beside the system process being so very different, going from 80,000+ K down to 248...The thing that created the change appears to be Microsoft Security Essentials. I had MSE installed on the laptop, which showed the low number. Today I uninstalled AVG free 8.5 and installed MSE on the desktop, and the number there has changed today now as well, down to 240 K.

The desktop is performing quite well with MSE. So...case closed. :)

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