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G Data IS2010 and MBAM Full

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The forum's search function won't allow a search for G Data or "G Data" because one or all of your search keywords were below 4 characters. Searches on gdata and g-data don't return much outside posts of endless listings of every OS path, registry entry and GUID ever known to man. :D

So, can anyone vouch for running MBAM Full realtime under G Data Internet Security 2010 without issue?

Thank you!

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  • Root Admin

Well I cannot vouch for it but I can point you to an FAQ to see if you can obtain any information for file exclusions that may be required to be set in your Anti-Virus or Firewall.

Please see the McAfee, Trend, AVG examples and attempt to setup the same exclusions for GDATA

You might also want to try running a Full disk check as we've had a few users report that running a full disk check did correct the issue. I can't promise that it will, but it's worth trying as it will also confirm any data errors get corrected.

How to Run Check Disk at Startup in Vista

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Thanks for the reply. I'm not experiencing any issues. Perhaps you thought the failure to garner results from the forum's search function to be a result of MBAM Full and Vista.

I did fail to mention I'm not running MBAM Full... yet. Sorry. MBAM Free - no problemos.

I'm just hoping some one here can hop on and "Yah. I been running them for six months smooth as silk, dude." before I buy Full.

And I'm not running Vista as my Sig indicates. Appreciate the info, tho. Cheers!

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G Data Internet Security wraps the Bitdefender and Avast! engines in its own proprietary release which includes their in-house firewall. And a very nice firewall, at that. Unfortunately, just because Bitdefender and Avast! each might play well with MBAM Full doesn't mean it will with GDIS2010.

And I just might get to answering my own question as I just bought MBAM Full. :D After about 20 minutes... seems OK.


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