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Mbam and Nero

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I use the registered (recently bought) Mbam with ip and protection module to 'on' but when I try to burn with nero 6.6 (yes old

version still) then the burning says 'failed (no err number of other info)' and it happens very regularly but not always. Then I put

mbam 'enable protection' in sys-tray to 'off' and start burning discs and I have no error at all,no failed no nothing. All discs are

perfect. Nero as well as mbam dont give any error messages (except for the word 'failed' from nero).

Is there any opensource burn software (that doesnt have this conflict with mbam)? :D

Mbam is a very good program you make! ty :D

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Here are a few that I know of that are Freeware/Shareware that you could try. You could alway try and upgrade your Nero as well.


AfterBURNer 1.4.1


ImgBURN v2.5.0.0

DeepBURNer Portable Edition 1.9

DeepBURNer 1.9


ImgTool BURN 1.2.1

SilentNight CD/DVD/ISO BURNer 4.0.6

CD DVD BURNing 2.2

HT Fireman CD/DVD BURNer 1.4


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Is there any opensource burn software (that doesnt have this conflict with mbam)? :D

I use Ashampoo Burning Studio

Offers everything you need and more without the bloat and liberties of Nero.

I used to use Nero and had all sorts of problems, hang ups, unexplained errors etc.

Even had difficulties uninstalling it. I finally managed to get rid of it and never looked back.

I cannot verify it but I strongly suspect that Nero contains bits of dubious intentions...

It's a piece of software I will never allow again on any of my pcs.

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