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can't install mbam - no way, no how

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First of all, thanks so much for your help . . . as it appears that you folks are very busy now (does the new year trigger a rash of malware attacks?) - again, I truly think your product is the best, as it ahs saved me from quite a few reformats over the years, and when asked by others, I always recommend it . . . and as you will see below, it appears it once again has (almost) fixed me up

Over the course of a night/day, it appears my kid's pc became more unstable when I restarted it this evening, so I had to try your directions in safe mode

FYI - it appears that the link you provided for hijack this is no longer valid . .. although I first thought that my IE was hijacked and redirecting on my kids PC, even in safe mode . . . so before I went to my PC to try find/download hijack this, I tried your link for malware bytes and low and behold, it ran, it updated (excellent!) and found 4 things as per the log below

after deletion of the 4 found objects, I rebooted as per your instructions . . . and the good news is that it booted much faster, with no error messages (previously we had multiple google installer errors), and mcafee appeared to start and was once again an item on my task bar . . . the bad news is that it appears that 'antivirus live' had survived through the initial malware bytes scan and had now taken over my kid's pc . . . and IE wouldn't go anywhere . . . and won't let me run mcafee or anything else (various system messages appeared) . . . however, I strangely felt good about this, since this appears to be a well known malware with known fixes

so back to safe mode I go ... and it's not as safe as I thought, as IE is still high jacked and not letting me go anywhere (

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