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There's a known issue with the Install Demo button. One solution is to install the Windows version of Firefox (the browser)into the bottle alongside Steam . Then, you would use that browser to visit http://store.steampowered.com/ and make your purchase. Since the browser is in the bottle with Steam, it will be able to pass the steam://... URLs to Steam

ok i dont get what is this bottle do i need to download it or what?

Sry for this topic but i have to ask

Also I have Vista so is that why I cant download from steam?

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You should contact Steam tech support. My son uses Steam, and he just uses the Steam program itself to make purchases or do downloads.

I don't understand what the 'bottle' thing means either.

BTW, watch out for fake 'Steam' websites. My son said he heard something about there being fake sites collecting people's account information. (This is why I think it's safer to use the Steam program itself.)

My son also has Vista and uses the Steam program. He said he installed it as administrator. I thought he had to run it as administrator each time, be he says he doesn't have to tell it each time.

I'll ask him more about this when he gets home.

Edited to add: Nope, my son didn't understand the 'bottle' thing either.

He said to watch out for bogus Steam sites, that if someone sends you a message saying to go to a certain site, supposedly a Steam site, to make a purchase at a discount, don't go there, it's set up to steal your account information when you log in.

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I use steam too but the demos I have installed are all free so I have not had to open a browser up, I just DL from steam its self.

I have no clue as to what the bottle is, I do not have a bottle but installing fire fox wont hurt to see if that makes a difference and if it does not you can always just uninstall it after. I would contact steam though, they have poor customer service I know, but they will be able to help you more.

@Amethyst I think I installed steam as admin too when I had to install it to play L4D but you do not need to launch it as admin after the initial config which is a nice touch but I also do not think you need to be in admin to DL from it either.. though I might be wrong on that front.

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