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Opps this was an epic fail :) is an game server from netherlands for the browser ego-shooter game Quake Live from Id Software.

I couldnt connect to that server until i saw malwarebytes is blocking the IP, i had to ignore it.

Yes i am sure its the correct ip of that server, you can see which ip you are connecting right now :)

Quake Live is a legal free game you can check it at quakelive.com

23:07:35 Username IP-BLOCK

Would really like to know how this ip came to the block list :welcome:

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It cant be that this ip is listed by any malware things.


Interactive 3D for ID Software

Do you want to explain me that ID Software is sharing malware ? :welcome:

:: Information related to ' -'

inetnum: -


descr: Interactive 3D for ID Software

country: NL

admin-c: Ir809-RIPE

tech-c: Ir809-RIPE


mnt-by: MNT-I3D

source: RIPE # Filtered

role: Interactive 3D role

address: Meent 93

3011JG Rotterdam

The Netherlands

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Guest remixed

Here are a few references that explain why this IP range has a history of serving up malware.




Some of the references may be outdated but certainly illustrate why the 'untrusted' 'blocked' tags have become associated with this range.

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Its ok, i saw it!

But i dont understand why ID Software hosted any rouge sites?

I think its ok now, but you guys should know it if you blacklist the IP or not.

If you think that they are still hosting something like that, you can post it on their forum, i am sure an admin will answer!

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Yep i just got it,

Interactive3D is a company and they are hosting that servers for ID Software.

The Image above shows the name Interactive3D as Interactive3D(Thats something else).

The first ip i posted at top is special for Id softwares Server(Interactive3D for Id Software).

So Id Software is clean :D

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