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If you use Firefox its as simple as , tools > option > main > then type in the addy of what ever homepage you want (I have google) and make sure that *show my homepage* is highlighted for when firefox starts up.

For IE you go tools > general > then type in the addy and click use current :welcome:

Hope that is useful for you.

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:) Hi paul -

Sorry to butt in , But what browser system are you operating ?? Is it Internet Explorer , Firefox , Opera , Safari , Orca ??

Or do you not know -??

Please answer if you can - :welcome: Someone here will know -

Thank You -

I understand it is a budget European/British broadband -??

EDIT - At the Very top Right hand side there is a sign that says "make tiscali my home page" -

Click on that and select NO - :) Then you select your own, basically like chimpy described -

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Hi again - I have never seen it where you can not change your home page -

Go to Control Panel (Or from the 'Tools' drop down menu) > Internet Options > On the first page (General tab) there should be a box with your home page listed - You can delete this by writing your own page (eg. I have Google.com) -

This should work with any computer set up with I.E. unless your ISP (tiscali) sets this so it will not change or you set it yourself -

I am surprised as I visited 'tiscali' home and found these details from 'Australia' in about 3-5 mins and found that tab (top RHS) can change a home page -

Good Luck - Remember it can be done without serious changes or you will do more damage than good - :welcome:

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Should not be this hard paul !!!

First can you update this program then do a Quick Scan with Malwarebytes - tiscali may actually be inserting itself as malware so it is hard to move -

I want a reading of a small malware item to delete -

Then I hope the second one is now Google (or one you chose) - When you had only tiscali you would only have had one tab ?? (I assume) -

Go back to the Internet options page and now that you have another page you should be able to change it -Also try the Top RHCorner tab again -

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Hi again paul -

I have left a link below to another user who had similar problems like yours - Their ISP locked themselves in but Malwarebytes detected this -

As per exile360 you may also need other removers but they do seem to have set themselves as malware into your computer -

Sometimes it will show up as malware and it can then be excluded from your list of acceptable pages - As per exile360 first -Since you are IE8 it is OK -

Then see what your Malwarebytes scan reveals -


Good Luck - :welcome:

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