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Gateway pc problem!


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I think the hard disk failed. it makes a click and makes a continuious clicking sound for about 1-2 seconds. it does this regularly. The computer and the bios claim there is no hard drive in the IDE Slot. Is there anything i can do at home to fix it. I dont care about the data. It is just games. The computer is a gateway 400sd4. Please help. I dont want to buy a new hard disk. Also can i put windows xp on a partition on the hard disk. It is really important. should i be panicing?? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What PedroHin and robot202 have already said is almost certainly correct. It's extremely likely that your hard drive is broken beyond repair. It's possible that a specialist may be able to repair it. But to have a specialist even look at it may cost you twice as much as buying a new hard drive, so that's completely pointless anyway.

However, if you are confident of 'operating' on your laptop without breaking it, there are a couple of 'last resort' things you could try. The first thing is to take out your hard drive and re-seat it a couple of times to make sure that a faulty connection is not the cause of the problem. Then, if the bios still doesn't detect the hard drive, you could try this. Take out you hard drive and triple bag it using airtight freezer bags, the put it in your freezer overnight. After that, if the bios detects the hard drive, immediately run a full sector disk check to make sure that the read-write head travels over the the entire platter surfaces. Very occasionally this will work. But most of the time, even after the freezing process, the bios still won't detect the hard drive.

But, even if this does work, it's only usually a temporary fix. So I wouldn't store any important data on that hard drive. Best of luck if you try it, Bob. ie2fco.gif

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Yeaah... hi guys! Yesterday a friend of mine come to me with the same problem! After Avast Home full scanning, HDD receive syndrome known as COD (Click Of Death) without any warning. I tried to reduce the capacity from 160 to 32GB than system recognize the HD but the drive remains unaccessible tomorrow I will try to fix it using Hiren's Boot 10.0 The drive is 4 years old soft used Seagate 7200rpm ide interface!

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