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Thank you, MalwareBytes


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A year ago my computer was infected by a Trojan.Vundo it was very severe. Not even McAfee (very high rated virus protection) could remove it. My computer was shot. This virus was infecting my computer even more and more every day. I had a ton of Malware on my computer, more than you could imagine. I was thinking "Well, this is it". It all starting taking effect on the same day and my entire computer was infected...

A few weeks later I got a call from a relative saying he knew a solution to my problem. He told me about Malwarebytes.org. I wasn't too excited, because most free Virus, malware, etc protection are rubbish and false. I downloaded your product, scanned, and restarted. All of my problems, Malware, Viruses, everything, all gone. JUST GONE, it was stunningly amazing. This product is magic. I highly recommend this product for any Malware issues. This saved my computer, big time.

I am a customer of Malwarebites.org and I'm proud to be one, and I always will be.

Thank you guys, very much.

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Guest ryanmgriff

I have had exactly the same experience. I work within the internet industry but am not that technically minded. I was infected with a trojan that was copying my files and trying to email them to an unknown ip address. McAfee said they had disabled the trojan but within 24 hours it was back.

A techy frien of mine suggested you and I am delighted to say the problem has been solved (fingers crossed). I have now learnt how to update your software every 4 hours.

Thanks and well done for great work.

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