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What Anti-Malware/Spyware Programs to Use


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I am running WinXP SP3 with the following installed:

- AVG Free 9.X

- Malwarebytes (paid version)

- SpyBot Search and Destroy

- Spyware Guard

- Spyware Blaster

Is that overkill? I realize you probably cannot have to much protection, but I want to balance solid protection vs. multiple applications running an hogging system resources. I need to keep AVG and I will keep Malwarebytes, but what about the others?


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@ moto377

Hello and welcome to the forums here at Malwarebytes.org :)

I don't think that's overkill, no :) Layered protection is a GREAT thing to have :)

Currently, I use AVG Internet Security, MBAM Paid, SpyBot (Immunization only, no TeaTimer), Spyware Blaster, and most recently added to my security collection, HostsMan & a nice HOSTS file with that :) I feel pretty safe online now with all of that going.

And of course, applications, plug-ins, and programs need to be kept up to date as well.

I would recommend you also getting a HOSTS file, and you might consider switching from AVG to Avira or Microsoft Security Essentials, both of which I could give you links to if you are interested :)

As a side note, when replying, please use the "add reply" button at the bottom of the page or erase what the person you are replying to said, as this makes the forum easier to read.

Thank you :)

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Personally I think spywareguard is useless as it' no longer supported. Spybot is pretty good, but as already said you should not have the tea timer as its pretty bad. It can cause conflicts with other products. Also if you plan on installing sandboxie tea timer may block it as it did that to me. So make sure you keep those in mind if you plan on using the tea timer. One last thing you should consider is Secunia PSI. It will check your computer for outdated software and help keep you up to date. Other then all that your line up isn't too bad.

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