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Laptop cooling units


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Got the son one for Christmas, then checked the direction of air flow. The fans are blowing air up, which would direct it at the underside of the computer. I am questioning the wisdom of this. Shouldn't the fans be blowing air DOWN? Shouldn't the fans be drawing the air away from the laptop, rather than blowing air toward it? Are all of these cooling units like that, blowing air at the laptop?

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Hmmm. I know someone who has a laptop cooling fan and next time I see him I'll ask him about this... in the meantime, I hope someone else has an answer for you too :)

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Happy New Year Amethyst

The fans should be exhausting down from the laptop (CPU fan air flow would be in sync then), I had one with the same flow as yours. I reversed the fans to pull the air down, can you reverse the fans (litte arrows on the side of the fan frame showing air direction) Whats the brand name and model # of you cooler,

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I'll see if I can talk my son into lifting up his laptop while it's running. (He's worried about moving it.) We don't have access to smoke to see where it flows for purposes of testing air flow direction, but I've used a bit of soft tissue paper next to the fans on the other computers, so that should be good enough.

Re the fan...that's another issue, I'm afraid. I didn't read the label closely, bought it at Walmart and I was being rushed at the time. (Stupid, stupid, stupid, I should have paid more attention and purchased a well known brand, like logitec or baltec or something like that! From now on, I do Christmas shopping solo and give myself time to think straight!) Looking at the thing, I am wondering if it's one of those Chinese counterfeits. The written instruction pamphlet in the package doesn't have a manufacturer's name in it at all, nor a website. The package has for a name something I can't even find online, it's the circle open at the top with a vertical line through it, followed by 2 letter 'n's'. The package says it was 'imported by Walmart' from China. On the internet, I can find a product by a company called Hiyatek, and it looks to be identical to what I have, except that the Hiyatek logo is missing from the unit I have. Hiyatek is also a Chinese company.

Here's a link to what mine looks like:


Also, in Canada one should see some sort of CSA approved logo or sticker or emblem on such products, and that logo sort of looks like a 'CE'. Mine doesn't have such a thing.

The item just plugs into a USB port and runs off the computer's power, 500mA, DC 5V is what it says. No drivers are installed or anything, Windows doesn't even see it. In fact, I plugged it into our desktop when it was on standby and switched on the power, and the thing ran. However, given that I am concerned about the safety of this item, I am not going to plug it into my son's very expensive laptop. I have apologized profusely to him, of course, and we'll have to see how his laptop deals with air flow before I look into a replacement. I know that it does discharge air out the back of the laptop, and there seem to be extra fans in there that run pretty hard when he's gaming. I would just like to know what's going on underneath the laptop. At the very least, it should be raised off the table a bit more than it is to improve air flow. It's a Dell Alienware laptop, which is designed for the demands that gamers place on it.

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ha ha everything is chinese! Amethyst

:) Oh, I know. And most of it is legit, but a lot of counterfeit products come out of there, too.

Anyway...I managed to convince my son to lift the laptop, and he's got one weird setup under there. One fan on either side that blows air OUT of the laptop, and one in the middle that pulls air in. Don't know how on earth we're supposed to find a cooling unit with fans that would work with that. :) I think our best bet is to just elevate it slightly on some sort of frame on the outer edges, just to give it better air flow on the bottom.

Wow...how bizarre.

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