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Update failed error code 732 ( 0,0 )

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Since yesterday I have got this error code 732 ( 0,0 ) when I have tried to update my malwarebytes.

Update failed.

Have same OS, programs, and all, as last months or year on my computer.

( And there is not so many OS systems in the marked, perhaps 3 - 4 from windows which is most commond ).

I have XP Professional SP3, and I would think the other ones are Vista and Windows 7, and perhaps some few use older OS.

Do I have to get another operative malware program, or is this malwarebyte getting on it,s feet again?

( Have thrown out a serveral of virusprograms the last 3 years, because they was not cunsumer friendly )

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I can download the lates 1.43 version, but I have to pay for it????

I have already the pay version, and witch version should I then use?

Pay again ( and again, and again, and again, when new versions came ) for a paid version or use a free version?

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Hello celcius -

You only ever need to pay for the one time and that is all - The error message of 732 means that you are or were not fully online as you updated -

Please read from the link provided below to check your internet settings and that should help -If you had an infection it could alter your settings -


Also use the instructions at item #7 from the link below to Un/re install a fresh new version - Rember to re-enter your ID and lifetime KEY -


Thank You - :)

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Have downloaded the new version, deleted the old version, and deleted old mawarebytes settings.

Have started the new version, used my key and id, and the malwarbytes updated the lates update.

I think Malwarbytes works proper now, I have programmed it to use old settings.

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You are welcome celcius -

I hope we have solved your questions for now - Please post back if you have other problems -

We are always here to help you - :)


Please always keep a note of your ID and KEY for future use - Even if you buy a new computer you can transfer it over to your next one -

It is a lifetime purchase just for you -

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