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Few questions before buying

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I read, what seems to be a rather uniformed opinion on File Forum, that MBAM does not detect "some trojan tests". I suspect this may be due to the fact that MBAM intentionally does not detect harmless tests, but focuses on real threats, yes?.

Also, could you give me a ballpark estimate of the memory usage of MBAM real time protection. I realize MMVM, as all systems are different, but even a rough estimate would help.

I'm currently running LooknStop, Nod32 2.7, and EQSecure, from what I've read at Wilder's there should be no conflicts with any of these and the real time protection of MBAM.

Finally, thanks for all the programs, insight, and work to date in fighting malware.

All the best

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  • Root Admin

Unfortunately there are people out in the world that feel the need to slander Malwarebytes on public sites such as FileForum. If you search for the text on Google you will notice that the same person posted the same reviews with a different name.

A lot of people praise us for having such a low resource using product, and here is how much memory, on average, MBAM uses.

mbamservice.exe: 9 MB

mbamtrayctrl.exe: 1 MB

I would suggest you open MBAM and click "Test Protection" to ensure it is compatible with your system (usually it will be). There should not be any conflicts with those other applications you are running and MBAM should be a great addition when teamed up with NOD32, an excellent Anti-Virus.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I've heard a lot more good from sites like Wilders, Security Cadets, and CC then bad from inexperienced users/testers (or possibly negative posters with an agenda), so congrats on the increasing good word of mouth. Nice to see it run so light. I did test the protection, and all seems well, so I believe you have another customer. Congrats again, and keep up the great work.

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