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Internal updater doesn't work

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I'm trying to update MBAM via the internal updater. What I get is the error code 732 (0, 0). Maybe it's got something to do with the release of MBAM 1.43, which I haven't downloaded yet (still using MBAM 1.42, and I hope I will soon be able to get the latest version of MBAM via the internal updater). I hope this issue will be fixed shortly. Thanks in advance.

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Whenever I click "Check for updates", a small window pops up: "An error occurred. Please report the following error code to the Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware support team. Error code: 732 (0, 0)"

I think this code has got something to do with Internet connectivity, which is not the problem here. I was able to update MBAM until about an hour ago.

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Thanks for your help, noknojon. I checked my Internet settings again and found nothing unusual. The internal updater did work like a charm until about an hour and a half ago, so I'm sure it doesn't have anything to do with my settings, which I haven't changed. Something seems to be wrong with the updater or the MBAM servers. Maybe installing MBAM 1.43 fixes this issue.

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I believe Buddel was trying to get the new build via the internal updater when the news released last night when things were in a bit of disarray.

Things have now worked for numerous users that I have seen post elsewhere having been able to fetch the new build via this method.

There is no opt-out, that I am aware of anyway, unless, I am misinfomed.

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