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618K Memory used as Process...

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Results after 7:40 AM:

8:10 AM - 45,868K

8:40 AM - 45,868K

9:10 AM - 45,868K

9:40 AM - 45,868K

10:10 AM - 45,868K

10:40 AM - 45,868K

11:10 AM - 45,868K

11:40 AM - 45,868K

12:10 PM - 45,868K

12:40 PM - 45,868K

1:10 PM - 45,868K

1:40 PM - 45,868K

Still stable :)

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  • Staff

pbparker, that is not a leak. If the operating system sees the program needs a lot of memory often (i.e. if there are many repeated updates), it will allocate more memory to the process in order to save having to do it later. This is an optimization by the Windows memory manager. (If the memory is needed elsewhere, it will accordingly be revoked.)

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Sorry for last post, i cant edit yet :)

Well once for all it's working really fine.

Results after 1:40 "PM": ( and not AM like last post -.- )

2:10 PM - 45,868K

2:40 PM - 45,868K

3:10 PM - 45,868K

3:40 PM - 45,860K

4:20 PM - 46,340K

5:00 PM - 45,848K

For me at least it was fixed.

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Many thanx to Swandog46 (for providing the mbam-beta.exe) and to all the MBAM Team involved into the "bug memory" fix process.


I've monitored the memory usage of mbamservice.exe since 6 hours and it stabilized at 43K so far.


Intel(2) Core 2 Duo CPU E7300 @ 2.66 GHz

3 Go memory


MBAM 1.44 beta (provided by Swandog46)

I've done a few quick scan and update...browsing the web for an hour with multiple tab opened (IE8 and Firefox)...all is OK so far.

It seems you've "killed the beast" guys :)

I'm going to monitoring the memory usage fo the next 24 hours and keep you updated.

I'm really happy to register to MBAM Forum just a few days ago : it's really a great community.

All the best


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Things look good on the desktop so far. I haven't used the laptop much, but things looked stable with it last time I checked, too.

Thanks, MWB staff, for getting on this so quickly. My desktop had been showing some instability prior to 1.44 being installed. My husband said the entire system crashed on him this afternoon while he was browsing--as in spontaneously rebooting, minidump, and all that. I don't know how the memory thing was going at that point, as I wasn't home, but it was probably pretty high at that point. Hopefully the PC will settle down and behave herself now, however. :)

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I am running win7 64bit with MS security essentials. IP protection is disabled, real-time protection enabled.

Yeah, this is what I run too - with IP Protection enabled.

Also, for a bit more detail I exclude the entire MBAM (x86) folder from MS essentials - 'cos I'm too lazy to click on the individual files! Although I do have to click the 3 services related files from the MS Essentials process exclusions!

*** Ctrl-Click selection would be a nice additon ***

I've installed the following config. on more than a half dozen clients' machines - XP, Vista, win7 32 & 64Bit. It's the same routine for me every time and works like a charm. (And I invoice for it and I get paid and I get thank you'd!) Remove the wolves - McAfee, Norton everything etc. - Remove the freebies - AVG, NOD, etc - Remove the paid for AV progs (they're only as good as last week's spy/malware release anyways). Install MS Essentials, Install MBAM and xclude the MBAM folder and services from MS Essentials.

I'm certainly not recommending that anyone eat crow and remove their favorite AV programs but I gotta tell ya - they're not gonna work any better than MSE. and, they only make life hell for the coders here - how on earth can they take everyone's config into consideration? Interestingly enough I don't see anyone complaining about Kaspersky AV?!?! The reason the bad guys will always win is that they don't work 9-5 mon-fri and wear polyester shirts 'n ties. Sheesh, half of the middle class white folks worlds businesses were closed most of a week over new year. Ya think the bad guys slept?!!!

So, get a grip. Get MS Essentials for free, exclude the MBAM folder and services and stop paying the wolves .....

Now, please repost your process memory!!

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  • Staff

One of the admins separated your posts into their own thread here.

When a thread gets too long with too many users it can get really confusing trying to keep track, especially since it may not be precisely the same issue/cause even if the symptoms appear to be the same so working from your own thread will make things easier on everyone.

edit: I also just realized this topic is from 2010 meaning whatever was causing the issue back then cannot be connected to the issue you're experiencing as Malwarebytes is a completely different product now with an entirely different codebase.

Edited by exile360
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