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zippydedodah, I don't know how you are measuring RAM usage but on my Windows 7 system the RAM usage stays constant but does go up slightly when I load more tabs in IE and currently sitting at 34% using the CPU Gadget.

On my XP Pro system current Mem usage is 86,844K and going up very slowly.

i am measuring via the task manager... win 7 64 bit ultimate version.

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I reboot, without fix or "Start with Windows" checked, then i fixed the registry and reload it. I updated the database and actived the Realtime Protection Module.

Now on systray icon, IP Protection not appear. Well almost 20 minutes later, the consumption is stable on 46.408K. Ill wait for a time and monitor yet.

When complete 1 hour ill simulate a db update from dbupdate.exe and verify if memory climbs or not.


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Like as i said earlier i waited 1 hour, and didn't run updatedb.exe but the malwarebytes anti-malware updater.

DB Version from 3501 to 3502.

Now is consuming 48.560K and at first time decreasing slowly the consumption. Unbeliavable.

Ill still monitor for a day and ill be back when i've solid results.

Apparently that fixed this problem here but i haven't ip protection now.


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It climbs with or without an update.

It does jump up a small chunk when you do an update, but other than that, it's the same slow climb.

Now almost 1 hour later mbamservice.exe is climbing again. 48.672K and increasing again. Fix not works.

The previous results maybe coz i updated db before active realtime protection and the solution was temporary like i reported a few days ago.

Ill reboot here to stop it :D


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If it at all significant to the topic at hand, I launched Windows Resource Monitor shortly before a scheduled auto-update of the database, where memory usage of MBAMServices came in at ca. 48MB...after db update process completed(3504), memory usage increased to 68MB and is holding at this value. I'll keep my laptop in use until next update cycle (24hrs) to see if memory uptick again occurs upon auto-install of succeeding db update.

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So there's already a thread about this, huh? I've been having the same memory leak problem. Most recently it violated my RAM with its huge memory usage after a healthy session of marathoning youtube videos in firefox with multiple video tabs open at all times. The service climbed to 300k in memory, but on the bottom it said it was using about 500M. I disabled the service in the task bar and nothing happened. I right clicked the icon and hit exit. My memory was stil being eaten up so I had to go to the task manager and directly nuke the process just to free up space. I can't have no 500M processes on my already-outdated 2GB RAM laptop from yesteryear. At least with the firefox memory leak it stops when firefox closes. This? This requires not using the process at all to currently solve its problem until it's fixed. I hope Malwarebytes is working on a fix for this. Until then, the only thing to do is stop the process from running at startup.

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Elysion Zero, hello and welcome to Malwarebytes.org :D

A fix is being worked on. The more people that help the team figure out whats going on here, the better.

Also, when replying, please use the "Add reply" button at the bottom of the page. Thank you :D

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Well, I don't know if the following is related or helpful or not.

The XP SP2 MCE with AVG free 8.5 & Windows firewall was doing it's thing, with the increase in MWB service memory going up by 32 to 36 k/minute, and then it would stop rising for about an hour after either the update was run or the update simulator.

I was trying to determine if, rather than running the simulator to slow down the increase, maybe I would be better off leaving it. Running the simulator increased the memory usage by over 5,000 K at one point.

So I ran the simulator, then opened MWB from the taskbar icon to run a scan. Task Manager was open. I started the quick scan and noticed it looked like it was stuck on one .dll. Then I could see in Task Manager a huge spike in one of AVG's processes--I think it was the resident shield process. It rose sharply to over 100,000 k and then this:

Event Type: Error

Event Source: Application Error

Event Category: (100)

Event ID: 1000

Date: 06/01/2010

Time: 9:34:28 PM

User: N/A

Computer: [our computer]


Faulting application avgrsx.exe, version, faulting module avgcorex.dll, version, fault address 0x00103ee0.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp.

And then I really couldn't do anything anymore. MWB was not responding. I tried to hard boot and it went into standby instead a couple of times before finally shutting down.

As of now, MWB service is back to the 4 k increase every few seconds.

P.S. I'm not comfortable making modifications to the registry, sorry.

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lol ok seriously, i have found something new, i think, really! please keep the pc lingo basic illini team if you respond(4 all of us)

ok, i restarted pc memory at 46000k 1hr later it was at 11700k or something like that and always climbing within a second.

then i opened mlb and clicked update,(check for updates) and it updated when my memory showed 117428k. it stayed at this level(exactly) for about 5 minutes then started creeping again. never before can the creeping be stopped, even for a sec but this did. huh?

here me out: in the past i never clicked update. never! (1year +) i thought that was auto, and maybe it is. i dunno? then i did update 1-2 weeks go. and well, thus our problem.

ok, my next question: (i think this is it!!!) should there be an mlb update available every time i reboot my pc even though i just updated a second ago prior to a reboot of my pc? are you updating within seconds? or is this an error reading the update? something like a cross error/double up? can u understand? hard 2 explain.

*i cannot re update just after an update,(says you have the latest updated version) but if i reboot there is an update available again. why? this is it baby, gimme a job at the new san jose warmth.

i think im on to something. yea baby, yea.

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OK here is what I have do for collection of data for you guys.... followed these steps:

1. Open the registry editor (Start -> Run -> regedit) and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware. Right-click in the right-panel and choose New -> Dword value. Name the value disableipblocking, and set it equal to 1. Reboot. Does this make the memory leak go away? (You can delete the value after testing this.)

2. Remove all entries from the Ignore List in MBAM. Does this make the memory leak go away?

Restarted and program mbamservice started with 2,456K

after mbam appeared on the taskbar it jumped to 43,768

Right clicked on malwarebytes systray icon and there is no ip protection listed.

I will post a log later of memory usage..... I am not going to force and update, I will just let it sit and see if it starts creeping up on its own. Let you know later....

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OK results:

memory log of mbamservice service:

11:07 PM 43,912

11:10 PM 44,016

11:10 PM 44,020

11:11 PM 44,024

it seems to be creeping up again by 4K every few seconds

11:22 PM 44,660

11:22 PM 44,664

11:23 PM 44,668

still creeping up...

So the above fix did not seem to work at all, at least on my system.... going to undo the changes now....

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We believe we have resolved this issue. If you are willing to test a beta version of 1.44, please send me a Private Message. To everyone else, thank you for your patience, and we hope to release an official bugfix tomorrow if possible.

If you tried my registry hack above, please remove it, as in the end it is not related to this issue (open Start -> Run -> regedit, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, right-click on the disableipblocking value and choose Delete.)

Thank you to our community for your continuing feedback and support. :D

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I guess i will add my confirmation that i seems to have a memory leak also with the latest ver 1.43 and latest database. The mem usage on my desktop with 4 GB ram climbed to 1.5 GB!... Glad to hear a fix is in the work

btw, i think with the latest ver 1.43 it no longer (or possibly substantially reduces) conflict with McAfee Viruscan running on my computer. So at least one thing is better.

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Well 1.44 is working fine. Very Stable.

Preliminary results:

4:25 AM - Started on 41.104K

4:30 AM - 41.156K

5:00 AM - 41.156K

5:30 AM - 41.156K

6:00 AM - 41.156K

6:11 AM - DB updated from 3506 to 3507 - up fast to 104,980K and decreased to 44.436K

6:13 AM - 44.436K

6:15 AM - 44.432K

6:15 AM - 44.776K

6:16 AM - 46.420K

6:17 AM - 46.408K

6:18 AM - 46.320K

6:23 AM - 46.308K

6:23 AM - 45.964K

6:28 AM - 44.692K

6:31 AM - 44.688K

6:32 AM - Switched rapidly between 44.254K and 45.632K and stabilized on 44.388K

6:38 AM - 44.388K

6:50 AM - 44.376K

6:52 AM - 44.372K

6:53 AM - Up to 45.888K after SuperAntiSpyware Pro update

7:11 AM - 45.888K

7:30 AM - 45.876K

7:31 AM - Opening 10 tabs in Google Chrome. Opening 10 different sites. Listening music in Winamp. MSN ON. Skype ON. Watching some videos on Youtube.

7:31 AM - 45.876K

7:40 AM - 45.876K

Now ill monitor every 30 minutes.

At least until now, Good Job! :)


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