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MBAM scans repeatably freeze after a few seconds - assistance requested

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I recently put my old T21 ThinkPad back in service. Its OS is Windows 2000 Pro SP4. Several days ago I downloaded and installed MBAM v1.42, I updtaed the defs, and I ran a full scan. No problems and no malware was detected.

This morning I decided to go to the Windows Update site to get caught up on security patches. It needed 76 of them. I downloaded and installed them all, then ran Microsoft Security Analyzer to verify all was well. All patches were successfully installed.

This afternoon, I updated MBAM and tried to run a new scan. The scan stalled after 16 seconds and would not resume. I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to troubleshoot the matter. I tried multiple quick scans and multiple full scans. Each one would stall at some point between 9 and 20 seconds after it started. The MBAM GUI interface would virtually freeze (no buttons would respond) and the scan would remain paralyzed indefinitely. The only thing that worked to get out of it (aside from killing the process in task manager) is clicking the X button in the upper right corner of the interface window -- in that it would bring up the "Not Responding - End Program" dialog. The frozen MBAM would easily terminate from that dialog.

During my testing sessions I noticed in task manager that two instances of rundll32.exe were running. I found that terminating one of them would allow a newly launched instance of MBAM to easily and consistently complete either a full or a quick scan. And the results of these MBAM scans is consistently that no malware objects are detected.

There is currently no AV software installed on this ThinkPad. I was planning on installing Nod32 on it tomorrow, but I'd like to get this MBAM matter sorted first if I could. There is an older version of Sygate Pro firewall (v5) installed on it though.

Any help or suggestions will be much appreciated.

Thank you

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One last thing I forgot to mention is that unchecking "Always scan memory objects" will also eliminates the scan stalling. So I can either terminate one of the two running rundll32.exe processes, OR deactivate the memory objects scanning to cause the scans to complete.

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