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cannot run a full scan

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Today my vista laptop will not allow a full scan to complete. Quick scan is OK. After 45 minutes or so of scanning, system reboots. Software works fine on vista and xp desktops. I update malwarebytes free version today on all 3 computers. I also uninstalled/reinstalled malwarebytes on laptop and still have same problem

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Hello nairusjg, and welcome to the forums here at Malwarebytes.org ;)

Have you had any recent infections on the machine that you are currently having trouble running Malwarebytes on?

Before it reboots, did you notice if any items were found in the scan? (These would be in red).

Also, as a side note, when replying, please use the "add reply" button at the bottom of the page or erase what the person you are replying to said and just address them as @username or username:, as this makes the forum easier to read.

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hello mountaintree16 - no infections. Malwarebytes stops responding and computer completely locks (no ctl-alt-del option available). Eventually it reboots itself and get a popup after reboot that windows had to shut down. this time it stopped on c:\users\admin\appdata\microsoft\tempinternetfiles\low\content.ies.2ponhu70\icon8[1].gif (however i cannot find this file when searching hidden files)

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