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How to create a screenshot in Microsoft Windows


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Vista and Win7:

How to use the Windows Vista Snipping Tool


MWSnap for XP:


Guidelines for selecting the appropriate picture format



PNG - Portable Network Graphic

JPG - Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG

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Gooday mate:

To take screen-shots of your desktop and/or any other program which is not a web browser the best option is the one that you have already made a link, thus:

-"prt sc/sys rq" key for full screenshots

-"Alt" key plus "prt sc/sys rq" key for active programs

Advantages are: built-in; no additional program required, tiny in resources; you can edit them with any image manipulation program pasting them in Paint.Net, Gimp, Photoshop, etc. Do not look for any other because is a waste.

However, if you are browsing the Internet and your want a full website screen shot and it does not fit on the screen then the solution is using FireFox and install this add-on:

"fireshot". You can find it here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/5648

It is free; takes photos entirely or just visible part; it integrates to FireFox and IE at the same time; you have plenty of options and it is light in resources.

I hope it helps and have a try!

see ya :rolleyes:

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memoemc2, not everyone uses Firefox.

prt sc/sys rq" key for full screenshots

-"Alt" key plus "prt sc/sys rq" key for active programs

produces bmp images that are huge

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Gooday mates:

Fireshot integrates to Firefox and IE8 for sure. That's for IE lovers, you do not have to use Firefox always. This tool saves screenshots in png format if you set it up with that option.

It seems there are plenty of Firefox haters as much as IE haters and its deferences are irreconcilable. Anyway, any of them is perfect, both have plenty issues in many areas, and at the end it's a matter of choice. At the Aussie outback there is a proverb that says: the opinion is like the ass, everyone has one.

Getting bmp screenshots with the "prt sc/sys rq" key makes no sense at all; but anyone can manage that saving the screenshot as PNG or JPG. It's simple: take the desire screenshot, open Paint.Net, paste it as a new image, and save it as png, jpg, or your desired format.

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