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ip address blocked constantly

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with Malwarebytes ip protection on-

two ip's blocked constantly

googling it came up with this


the first one is the suspected target, or something is using it's prpgrams


second and not as often, but enough for concern


again I suspect the first hit

what is using these to track my google searches as well as popping up at other times

very annoying to not know who or why

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Welcome cmpm -

The first one you list is hosting several "Make Money Online" type people - It is Central England based - You may also be UK based or you may have answered one of their ads on "How to make $500 in 15 mins"

The second one is related to a Known infected site in Washington USA - For that reason it will be blocked for now - (They are always under review) -

Thank You - :P

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Thanks noknojon,

I am in the Usa.

I've run multiple scans to find the root cause.

Using Eset, Malwarebytes, SuperAtispyware and others.

They did find and delete varios files,

but the problem remains in my computer.

I think I ignorantly did a survey.

which is where it came from.

I'm lost with rootkit stuff, which I believe it is.

Thanks for blocking those ip's bte.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

O and thanks for the quick reply, I wasn't expecting it.

Nice to see and thanks.

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Ha!, I think I got it!

Sophos rootkit found a hidden file.


I couldn't find any info on that file anywhere on the net, that I looked any way, and I looked a lot.

Sophos warns to not clean it but I did anyway.

I did some searches and links and received no ip blocking.

Hopefully this fixed it for good.

Maybe this will help others with Windows 7.

There's not much for deep problem help for this new OS.

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