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I brought my laptop out of standby. My software firewall blocked this IP, and then my wireless adapter on my laptop seized up. All of a sudden I had no wireless connection to my router, it just quit. No other warning. Using the Windows repair to repair the connection didn't work. I use Outpost Free firewall, and it had been trying to get a news update just before this happened. I use Thinkvantage Access connections, and I was going to try using that to release and renew the IP and all that, but I figured I would try a reboot first, and that worked.

Not much ever gets past my router firewall, but this one did. Anyone know anything about it?

(I really had promised I wouldn't get entangled in these techie things on Christmas Eve!)

Interestingly enough, this problem:


Seems to have disappeared since this reboot. The weird little warning didn't show up on my Application list in Event Viewer when I rebooted, and it has been there regularly since Dec 18th.

Oh, I just looked at my firewall logs, I see some bytes were received from that IP.

I'll do some further checking into this.

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OK, just did some digging around. It' looks like it was Outpost making that connection for its news update, which I could see was happening just before the connection got lost. I'm not sure why OP would start blocking one of its own programs. But I let them know, anyway.

Back to holiday stuff, must put ham in the oven now. :P

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