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reinstall paid version.

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I have a paid version of MB. I had a error code 730 (0,0), After reviewing this forum the outcome was to remove/uninstall MB. which I did. However, I had done a restore point and the malwarebyte icon is still on my desktop which I can not uninstall or reinstall it at all..now what would be the next logical step? Another point is when I go to MB web site my only option is it wants me to pay again. Am I doing something wrong?

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It sounds like you have a rouge / fake infection that is not really our program.

As a paying customer you can send an email to support@malwarebytes.org and they can assist you in fixing your machine.

Thank you.


I do not believe this is a rouge/fake infection. As I have stated I believe it is related to a system restore. However, I cannot restore to the previous setting. I need to somehow reinstall malwarebytes using my paid version key. I go to MB home page but I am directed to pay again. Where can I go to just enter my key ID. ?

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Hi pheidippides,

Please go here:


and download and install the FREE version.

Then click the 'About' tab.

If you see your ID and Key displayed there, the free version has been automatically converted to the paid version by recognising your stored license details.

If you do not see your ID and Key in the 'About' tab, click on the 'Protection' tab, then click 'Register' and enter your ID and Key there. This will convert the free version to the paid version.

If this does not work, please follow the advice AdvancedSetup gave above.

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I encountered error code 730 (0,0) also when MBAM Pro was doing an internal update.

It finally got to where I couldn't open the program anymore, so I closed down MBAM running processes and uninstalled.

I cleaned up some remnants in the old program folder (actually I erased the old folder),

then reinstalled the new version.

After a reboot and an update, it recognized my license and I was good to go.

I know that this is a virtual voice in the wilderness, but I for one wish that the new version updates were not pushed out on users along with the database updates. When we use auto-updating, the program version updates get all funky, especially if you're using any kind of HIPS that is configured to ask for permission to do stuff, or if you're not around the machine when it tries to update the program version. I'd like to be able to perform the program version update at a time of my choosing.

I like the program enough that I will continue using it as it is, and I just offer my input as a helpful suggestion.


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Hi mynorgeek - And any others who read this -

Please make sure you delete browsing history - install and run CCleaner - then Defrag and do a Disc Cleanup from system tools -

So many people will not do the basic maintaining to keep their machimes clean and running freely -

This helps programs to run as they are designed to do -

Thank You - :)

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