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mbam is running, but no UI


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I have mbam installed, but when I run it, noting *appears* to happen. In Process Explorer, I can see the process running, but I can't interact with it. Additionally, I see a single iexplore.exe running that isn't in the task bar. I can kill it, but it comes back within a few minutes (not instantly).

I downloaded HJTInstall, but same result -- I can see it running, but I can't interact with it.

Any ideas?

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Hah more like in recent years...

Well, a year ago I was able to get rid of this crap by simply installing MBAM and running it. Now it seems that, more often than not, I have to work around individual issues before I can run it. Ah well... I guess it goes without saying that people who write this stuff should die a terrible death.

Do you still need help?

Nope, I got it figured out... The instructions on bleepingcomputer that I was following, which I can't now find, recommended leaving the "This file is infected, do you want to pay us money?" dialog up and run rkill again, but that didn't work for me, rkill still didn't complete. What *DID* work for me was running rkill repeatedly, quickly, a number of times (8-10), and then rebooting. Whatever rkill does in the first few bits (registry?) seems to disable this particular infection enough that, after rebooting, I was able to run MBAM, complete a scan, and remove the threat. I know this is contrary to what rkill is supposed to do, but it worked.

I had a second instance of the same malware on another system used by somebody totally different, only a few hours later, and the same process seemed to work.

Thanks for the reply, case... Closed???


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