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OH NO, Can't See Videos on Facebook by Friends AGAIIN


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Everything was so great with all the help I got from Exile and AdvancedSetup, etc. And with the restore PC.

But now, some slowness again and the final scary symptom -- not being able to access videos on FB. Now I get the dreaded "Video Unavailable." Do I need to try and reinstall Flash Player again?

:D WHY, WHY, WHY (as Nancy Kerrigan so aptly put it.)


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It's Adobe Flash Player 10 Active X -- the curious thing (maybe not so curious :D ) is that there are no number of MB's after the lisiting of this program on my "add/delete program" list. Most others like Adobe Reader have a number of MB's the program uses.

OK, so there it is, what a pain. My friends have gorgeous videos on the snow, birds in NYC, etc. BOOOO HOOOOO.


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It's normal for Flash Player not to show the number of MB, it could also be because Adobe updated Flash Player recently. Please be sure to do the following in order to update so that you're sure to have the latest version and avoid future issues:

  • Uninstall Adobe Flash Player (as well as any other Flash Player entries, there are usually 2 of them)
  • Download the Flash Player Uninstaller from here and run it and once it completes reboot once more.
  • Install the latest version of Flash Player from here making sure to uncheck any optional software you do not want (such as the Google Toolbar, McAfee Security Scan etc).

In the future you can and should verify that you have the latest version of Flash Player installed by visiting this page about once a month (I'd recommend adding it to your favorites).

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