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strange internet problem


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i live in a shared house which is wired up for broadband(everyone elses is fine), initially my computer wouldn't connect, so trying to rule various things out i eventually got some to plug their laptop into my socket to see if it worked. it did, and then when i plugged my computer back in, my computer connected. it was fine then untill for some reason i had to unplug the cable to do something, then when i plugged it back in i started to get problems. it would connect for maybe 10mins then i would lose the connection, but if i disabled the 'local area connection' then started it again straight away , i would get another 10 minutes. i finally got fed up a called the people who maintain the broadband for the house. the man came round,plugged his laptop in, it worked fine, then plugged my computer back in and it worked fine! it was fine for 2weeks until like a fool i unplugged the cable again(was installing some hardware) now i'm back to losing connection every 10-30mins. why would some else plugging their computer into my connection make everything ok?

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Hi 666philb -

The devil is certainly playing havoc with your system - Please read the link below and double check your settings -


If this is of no help and your ISP is of no help then please follow the instructions below -

As some problems can be hidden in your system we are willing to check and help repair any infections for free - Please read and follow the directions here, skipping any steps you are unable to complete. Then post a NEW topic here.

One of the expert helpers there will give you one-on-one assistance when one becomes available.

Thank you :D

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i's definately not malware, as i did a complete format and re-install of windows when i was initially trying to rule out things. the connection only seems to work properly after someone else has plugged there computer into my socket, then i plug mine in afterwards and all is fine?!. it's quite bizarre! i was just wondering if anyone has got some idea why this strange phenomenon occurs?


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Hi again - That clears a few things away -

Sounds you have an ISP like mine - I have made 6 phone calls in the last week or so - (and still getting dropouts) -

? Have you attempted to isolate if it is only your connection ? By that I mean try a connection somewhere else (not your usual plug in point)-

The cable may have a very tiny loose connection at one end -

If this ever occurs at another plug in point then you will find that your computers internal connection has a very tiny loose wire or fitting -

Sorry but without a full physical inspection that is about the best options I can give - Get them to check Your internal end -

All the best with tracing it - :D

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