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Thank you Malwarebytes!

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Our IT dept got a computer yesterday brought up to us - Dell Optiplex 360 with Windows XP Pro and it had 18,000 infections. We scanned the computer in safe mode and it removed all 18,000 on the first scan. The 2nd followup scan in safe mode found 0 threats. We did a scan with a couple other programs but Malwarebytes did a great job in removing the infections.

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Hi and Thanks mkruzel -

Even I find that amazing !!! 18,000 infections on one unit - How on earth did it ever run :) ?? (Also being a Dell) :D

We are always thankful for the report backs that often come in - I hope that you also did a final Full Scan in normal mode as there can still be many more infections that cannot be fully removed in the safe mode scans -

Thank you for that - :(

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Thank you sunshine803 -

A happy and safe holiday time to all of those that we help from all the crew here -

We do love this type of feed-back as it lets us know that sometimes we do get it right -

Even though I have only been here for a bit over a year, I have learned as much from feed-back as I do from my research -

Please check out one of our Christmas cards (from sho-dan) in the General Chat area -

Thanks again - :D

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Just 1 thing I have to say to the Malwarebytes' team:

Do not take it easy for the upcoming years. You know like Norton, they were dominant. It was the best security product/antivirus software available some year back, but then they started to take it easy, and said like "Yay, we've made some billions of cash, now we can take it easy!". Please, don't do this mistake. You guys are on the top, and you shall develop and work as you were the 2nd best antispyware program. I feel really bad for you guys if you guys do like Norton or McAfee! Have a good day!!



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Hi Esetisthebest -

No need to guess what antivirus you use :D - (Joking)

You can be sure that Malwarebytes is now adding to it's full time crew to keep this program always as updated as we can -

You can notice that while some programs update every day or two , Malwarebytes usually updates several times every day -

If you have the time it would be good for all visitors to read our FAQ sections - Although not noted as such they are listed as Self Help items and above the Malwarebytes General Malware area you will find many "Pinned" articles that we update on a regular basis -

These items will show how much work goes on behind the scenes that many do not see -

We try to Thank those that reply to our ideas and hope we can do more next year - :)

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I'd like to add my congratulations and thanks to the Malwarebyte's team for their excellent product and the way they respond to their users.

Keep up the good work and have a joyous Xmas and a happy and successful New Year.

I'll ditto what Sunshine said!

I purchased a license today, just to say thanks.

You folks have been helping me for free for long enough! :D

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