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ERROR zlib::decompress failed with error code 6

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Using MBAM pro, after startup, an error pops up telling of a problem, and to check the logs.

11:49:27 ERROR zlib::decompress failed with error code 6

11:49:27 MESSAGE Protection stopped

13:18:06 ERROR zlib::decompress failed with error code 6

13:18:06 MESSAGE Protection stopped

Thanks, fyi, even though this is a slight issue, your software is still the best I have ever used for malware prevention and detection. Well, best for the money.

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Hi zekeallmon -

First please update to the latest version - (Version 3386 or above) Then check the other following options if needed -

Second - The proxy settings may not be set up correctly.(our link at the bottom of this answer gives a better idea)

To correct this, perform the following steps:

In Visual InterDev, click Tools, and then click Options.

In the Options dialog box, expand Projects/web proxy settings.

Click to clear the "Use system settings" check box, and then click to select the "Do not use proxy settings for local (intranet) addresses" check box.

Click OK, and then connect to your Web server again.

Thank you - :) Please let us know if that repairs it -


You may have had a 'bug' recently that has upset those settings -

EDIT 2 -

The link below from our FAQ section may show the same thing in an easier to read fashion -


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