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Malware.Trace but no other problem


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This morning I ran my usual quick scan after updating to the most recent definitions. To my surprise, the quick scan found one item: Registry Keys Infected:

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\WR (Malware.Trace) -> No action taken.

I'm not having any problem with MBAM, nor with my computer, and the quick scan did not find any other problems. I tried googling to find more about what MBAM had found, but all the entries were from people who had massive infections, couldn't start MBAM, had a large number of trojans, etc. etc. Since none of this seems to apply to me, I thought I should ask first before telling MBAM to remove what it had found. (It wasn't so long ago that I fell victim to an MBAM false positive; acting on it crippled my computer and eventually I had to reinstall my operating system. So, since I almost NEVER have any malware, I thought this time I'd ask first.)

Thanks in advance for your help. I should add that I'm running MBAM Pro with the most recent definitions on WinXP Pro SP2.

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Good to see that you're learning to be cautious about deleting anything and everything MBAM detects as "infected".

Must be a "new and improved thinking cap you're wearing! ;)

Now, if only the same thinking would percolate through my brain when I'm tempted to delete items I've taken a dislike to! ^_^

PS. I read your post yesterday. Decided not to reply as I had no useful / helpful information to offer.

Glad you're not facing a reinstallation this time round whatmeworry. Far too painful! ;)

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