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really strange lockout problem just happened


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something really odd happened to my computer. I was testing out bufferzone pro and didn't like it because it crashed my computer twice. So i went to uninstall it and i was using ashampoo unistaller 3 to uninstall bufferzone and halfway through uninstalling it my computer start's processing the activity really slow and then a blue screen quickly appeared for 1 second and my computer auto restarted. As it was restarting it got to a point just before the windows login screen that would appear and it restarts again. It never let me in my computer.

I got my ubuntu cd and accessed my computer that way and deleted everything i could think of that could of been blocking in my startup. Bufferzone, ashampoo uninstaller, avira just blindly deleting things and my computer still didn't start so i just reinstalled it since i had backups of it but was wondering what could have caused this?

even stranger my friend who also use's ashampoo uninstaller was uninstalling a bloated program not sure what it was and during the same week his computer had the same problem happen that mine did. Ashampoo unistaller started working really slow before the blue screen flashed and the computer restarted and then his computer also locked him out. Really strange. Any ideas what it could have been on my end?

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thats interesting jack. I first thought it was bufferzone and then when i heard my friend had a problem with the same software i knew it was the uninstaller. I think it's best to use this type of uninstaller for light to mid weight programs never for heavy programs or security programs. I'll know for next time thanks

also does anyone know a good windows based live cd thats similar to ubuntu's? ubuntu's is such a drag since its incompatible with alot of stuff. Is there such a thing for vista?

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