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Differences between MAM free ad pro

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Hi Marcin Hi All,

may I know what are the differences between MAM free and paid version?

I mean, I know paid version has a real time module protection, even though I do not exatly know what kind of protection it offers.

Having a look at you official web page I cannot find the exact description.

Many italian people asked me for these differences as they would like to relate about your nice MAM in some web sites security related.

Thank you in advance and sorry for my poor english

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I will create a description of this and post back. Thanks!

Very kind of you Marcin,

I obviously know there is no difference between free and pro except the protection module, I only do not know how protection module exactly works.. and, believe me, many people not only from my Country are interested in your very nice MAM ;)

thank you so much

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I'm not 100% sure what kind of protection it offers, but I'd assume it's stops you from visiting known malware sites and stops malware in the database from running.

The Pro version also has automatic updating and scheduling. :)

Hi Tigger93

I noticed more or less the same features you talked about, I only think that people who'd like to buy Malwarebytes Anti Malware would be glad to find an exact description directly in the official Malwarebytes.org web site B)

My english got dramatically rusty, I know ;)

Thank you

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