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IOBit Theft Conclusion

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(Wow, I never thought I could post here along with the author of HijackThis! ;):D )

Now that we know IOBit stole MBAM's database AND HijackThis's functionality, wrapping them in "IOBit Security 360" (or whatever)... what other things could they have stolen too? :S


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IoBit tests were ridicoluos, they compared regular antispyware/antimalware with rogue LOL.

I'm with you and I hope they will apologize even if it seems they are able to deny the obvious.

Hold your heads up Marcin, Bruce and all MalwareBytes' Corporation!

All the best

One test, some guy compared it to Cyberdefender. LOL!!!!

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Hi Marcin,

Very good news indeed!

We often think transnational problems are a nightmare to cope with. I appreciate that Malwarebytes and yourself perfectly dealt with this and that the anti-malware community was behind you all to push.

Alas we need bad news to see a united community but I'm delighted to have gotten such outcome. :D

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Congrats on this conclusion, Marcin (et al.). I suspected a public apology from IOBit would be impossible, but this is equally humiliating for them.

On a side note, I notified TrendMicro that IOBit is stealing all the functionality of HijackThis in their product.


This just shows that the consumer must be careful and do lots of research before deciding on the software they install at home

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WOT is giving Iobit more and more negative ratings, 97 ethenic Issues comments. 0-o Even the most trusted members of the Iobit forums have left Iobit. Iobit is definetely losing reputation. A good company gone bad. ;) The database is not like what it used to now since it orginally deleted all of it's definitions. Now relying on Iobit for protection is slim. Cheaters don't win. :D

Well said, Baz. The point you made is obviously good and valid, but you may be concerning yourself unnecessarily.

WOT actually has 97 'Ethical issues' comments, not 97 'Ethnic issues' comments. Ethnicity is not mentioned at all on the WOT website. So don't worry, Baz. Everything is cool here at the moment. And, hopefully, it will stay that way. :)

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Hello MBAM, I'm kinda disappointed. Is this all you can do?

This is unacceptable and should be followed up with felony criminal charges. If a person can get 5 years prison for downloading music, then employees in this company should get comparable charges as well.

I am so sick of big companies doing criminal activities and only getting slapped with fines. The average citizen gets jail time for downloading a song.

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Hi :) ;

Very well said! It has been a very motional issue with this event and I believe those who are thrustworthy will prevail! All security eagrer people will always trust the reputation of someone who is honest and is bale to proove that wjhat they have been working on is "their work" and will defend it with all their honest effort.

Kudos to the team and all the avd and loyal supporters! :)

Be all you can be!

Kind regards! :)

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Hi everyone, I am new to this forum. I have been using Malwarebytes program for awhile now. And it really has helped my PC alot! :)

And was quite surprised to what I was reading in regards to this matter with IOBit.

Interesting though, Cnet still has the IOBit programs listed in the download section.

Has anyone ever mentioned this problem/situation with Cnet?

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