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IOBit Theft Conclusion

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Some weeks ago we presented evidence demonstrating that the Chinese company IObit had stolen Malwarebytes' database and incorporated it into their software. In the days that followed we saw a complete denial of wrongdoing by IObit. They ascribed the matches between their database and our own to anonymous sample submissions, a dubious claim which we debunked.

Nevertheless, IObit did subsequently remove all of Malwarebytes' definitions from their database (thereby cutting their database size by ~40% in one fell swoop). Though we did not receive an apology from them, nor any official acknowledgment of their theft, this reaction speaks for itself. Removal of our intellectual property was what we wanted, and we therefore consider that we have won. We thank the community, online media outlets and our partners for their support in helping us achieve this favorable result.

We have documented here and here how IObit's in-the-wild detection rates dropped from over 70% to under 20% overnight after removing Malwarebytes' definitions from their database. Unsurprisingly, IObit has abruptly ended its anti-malware comparison testing program. We invite all users to continue to compare our detection rates against in-the-wild malware to IObit's over the next several months. We know who we believe will be on top. And we look forward to continuing to improve our products and help the online community at large.

Marcin Kleczynski

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Thanks for the update. I'm glad to hear they've removed the MBAMs definition files. It is a shame they haven't seen fit to own up and apologise for what they did, but as the saying goes: What goes around comes around... I'm a great believer in that. MBAM as a company has spades of integrity, and it happens to be a great product - so you guys definitely win! :(

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It's not surprising that IOBit refuses to apologise to MBAM. Thieves who steal things rarely have the mindset to apologise for their actions. Because, if they did have that kind of mindset, they would never have stolen anything in the first place.

The only times I have ever seen thieves apologise for their actions are when they may gain some kind of benefit from the apology. But clearly that is not the case here. An apology implies guilt. And, as far as I can see, IOBit have not admitted to any kind of culpable guilt yet - even though they are OBVIOUSLY guilty of intellectual theft.

So I wouldn't expect an apology anytime soon.

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Congrats on this conclusion, Marcin (et al.). I suspected a public apology from IOBit would be impossible, but this is equally humiliating for them.

On a side note, I notified TrendMicro that IOBit is stealing all the functionality of HijackThis in their product.

(Wow, I never thought I could post here along with the author of HijackThis! :D:D )

Now that we know IOBit stole MBAM's database AND HijackThis's functionality, wrapping them in "IOBit Security 360" (or whatever)... what other things could they have stolen too? :S

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Glad to read this information. Not only does IoBit need to apologize but so do the outlets who continued to carry their products and still do even after all this had come to light and especially those who did and do so and claimed or claim to be friends of Malwarebytes. I don't however expect this to come about so I call for a boycott of those sites and of course all IoBit products (yes all of them).



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(Wow, I never thought I could post here along with the author of HijackThis! ;):D )

Now that we know IOBit stole MBAM's database AND HijackThis's functionality, wrapping them in "IOBit Security 360" (or whatever)... what other things could they have stolen too? :S

A few other things. Most of them were small functions of bigger products. I listed them in the IObit debunk thread. (Last story on IObit).

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Just thought I would post my say since I haven't posted at any forum about this. :D

Its good that they removed Malwarebytes def files from there database and I think what goes around comes around. I would venture to say that enough damage was done when this was brought to public attention.

I know there has been a lot of hard work that has went into the making of MalwareBytes and it's been a pleasure to be a part of that process. ;)

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WOT is giving Iobit more and more negative ratings, 97 ethenic Issues comments. 0-o Even the most trusted members of the Iobit forums have left Iobit. Iobit is definetely losing reputation. A good company gone bad. ;) The database is not like what it used to now since it orginally deleted all of it's definitions. Now relying on Iobit for protection is slim. Cheaters don't win. :D

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