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Some things I would like to see


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I run a computer service store and we cater to small business and home users. Here are a few things I think would help us:

Easier way to purchase multiple licenses at once:

Since we are reselling, it would be nice to buy a pack of 10 or 20 at one time and activate each license as it's sold. This would cut out the some of the time it takes when we have to sell a copy.

Delete Temporary files before scanning

So when we are trying to run a quick and dirty scan we notice that MBAM will always scan temporary files for each user on the computer. This is unneccessary as temporary files should be deleted regardless (and eventually will be deleted by us). So we'll get half way through the scan and notice it's taking longer than we thought and it's usually do to scanning temporary files. It would be nice if we could just delete the temporary internet explorer files or skip scanning of those files or something.

We have tried to be clever and pause scanning to go delete the temp files but I guess MBAM pre-populates the list of files it's scanning because even if we have deleted the temp files we un pause and it still tries scanning those files.

Remote installation and Managment

With our small business clients it would be nice to have an MBAM central managment system that we can run from our clients server which would be able to remotely install MBAM, initiate scans, and collect results.

some of these things may already be implemented and I just don't realize. If so feel free to inform me.


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Greetings ;)

Remote Installation and Management can be done I believe, but requires special licensing purchased by your clients via corporate@malwarebytes.org. The normal version of Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware is for home use only. Any use in businesses or tech shops requires a different license and also offers different options befitting use in such industries. You can contact them at that email address for more info.

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My experience with the corporate email address is similar - I've been trying to resolve a reseller issue for going on 3 months now, with very sporadic communication coming from malwarebytes. I love their software, but their customer relations are definitely lacking. I don't know how I rate on volume (have probably resold 200+ licenses this year), but I'd at least expect a response from them. I'd also be interested in this central management tool - last time I asked about this, they pointed me to a silent install mode using a Windows script to deploy across a domain.

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