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What's The Point Of Using Malwarebytes?

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I'm trying to figure out what the point of even using Malwarebytes, or any other of the current crop of anti-virus/trojan/malware programs is at least for removal purposes.

They are not able to remove 98% of the stuff I've been hit with these days. Even worse, they identify the malware and SAY that they have successfully removed it when they have not. That's worse then not removing them at all because it wastes my time, leaves me frustrated and gives a false sense of having fixed it.

So your only option is to install all kinds of other stuff on your computer, which seems to create its own problems in many cases, post pages and pages of logs, spend who knows how long online trying to get a manual fix, and after days of migrane headaches usually end up having to reinstall the OS anyway (which is how most of them I have followed end).

It's not that I don't appreciate the malware experts that so patiently help people solve their problems. You guys are really great.

But what is needed is a program that can actually get rid of this stuff automatically. Clearly the malware is now evolving faster than the malware removal tools can cope with. You need to get ahead of the curve. It's a dirty little secret.

imagine if every antispyware program, malware program, and antivirus teamed up together to make the best program evar!!!!! That'll be the biggest set of definitions in history!!!!! However it'll still be impossible to remove malware 100% however if there was a advanced behavioral heuristics detection that can detect malware by the way a program acts and i mean ACT, then it might be 100%.

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Hi again Danerd9 -

There is no one program that will remove all types of virus and malware and there will never be one -

At Malwarebytes we have enough trouble keeping the malware threats out as it is -

They would find a way around it in a few days , so that is why we use many tools (as you will see if you ever watch the HijackThis Area) -

That is how hackers can beat even the US government system at times -

Again thanks for your interest - :D

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