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Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware version 1.42 released

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Oh okay, thanks for that info. Just wondering if something went wrong with CNET.


These guys work tirelessly around the clock and adding the ignore list/context menu for 64-bit machines was probably not a walk in the park. Not to mention monitoring the forums and remaining one of the best in detecting the newest and most stubborn threats. Give them a break man :)



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HI Team and well done -

I have done a quick and full scan with the latest versions - It worked very well even running in the background with 2 other programs operating - :)

The long scan seemed quicker and the quick scan took about the same as usual - About 7.30 min Quick scan - About 1.25 hrs Long scan -

Not much on this computer (75% free space) but very happy - :)

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Had malwarbytes host a manual update database yet? I only using those when I am using on my clients infected system. Since the old site to the rules aren't yet compatible with the new version of malwarebytes, it will have a database error and won't work which you have to reinstall malwarebytes with it's database that came with the installer which is the 12/3/09 database. Anyhow let me know thanks.


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