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Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware version 1.42 released

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Hi, I updated from 1.41 to 1.42. When i restarted I got a message that went something like this "Windows cannot access windows\IS-PP8EJ.exe because the file cannot be found". I clicked ok and then online armour asked me should I let the same file run. I'm not sure if this came with MBAM or not but it appears not to be malware as I uploaded it to virus total and also did a quick scan with MBAM and all was clear. I searched online for the file and got no hits, if anyone has any info would you let me know.

Cheers kevin

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Just for the record v.1.42 installed over v.1.41 on my Vista 32-bit system no problem. Not had any error messages at any time during installation, during or post reboot.

Gone into services and changed the startup from Automatic (delayed) to just Automatic which is how I had it before with 1.41 and it starts as expected, ie more or less immediately.

Very nice work, Rubber DuckY, and to all the team who worked on this and past versions of this great little product. A very big "Thank You" to you all.

Now you people need a holiday; d'you hear me? :)

And if that's not forthcoming then a couple of days off (paid, of course) before coming back and being made to work twice as hard! :)

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My update was automatic without a flaw. I've got a program called WinPatrol that looks for changes in my registry and additions to 'run once' programs or new 'start at boot' programs. Right after I gave permission for Malwarebytes to start at boot, Win Patrol asked if I wanted to allow a 'run once' program located : C:\WINDOWS\is-O8N5J.exe /REG Is this part of the Malwarebytes update? I checked the properties on the 'is-O8N5J.exe' executable but there was no information as to the origin. I'd appreciate any input.

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