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MBAM & Avira Security Suite Realtime compatibility


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Avira AV and MBAM paid have no conflicts, so I imagine it would be the same for the Avira Security suite and Mbam :)

It is said that Avira and Mbam are a perfect match :)

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You are quite welcome, Greyowl :)

I have the free Avira on my family's computer and the free MBAM (I plan to upgrade them on both when I am able to) and one reason I chose Avira was because of its great compatibility (learned about that on here) with Mbam.

Are all of your programs like this up to date by the way? If not, let me know and I can instruct you on what you should do and give you the links for the updated program versions. It's CRUCIAL to update these programs.

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You are very welcome!! :)

Don't hesitate to ask if you need links for any Adobe programs or for Java, or Silverlight (if you use that, I don't). QuickTime, etc... :)

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Use Secunia OSI to check for software vulnerabilities (Note: Java is required for the online scan. If you do not have java you may download and install it from here):

  • Visit this page and click on the Start Scanner button
  • Once the scanner loads click on the Start button on the page to start the scan
  • Review the results and update your software using the information provided, making sure to uninstall older application versions that are out of date before downloading and installing newer versions

Alternatively, you can download and install Secunia PSI which will run directly on your PC, not through a browser (does not require Java) from here.

  • Just download the file and install it
  • Once it starts, make sure that you allow it through your firewall if you have one so it can check for updates
  • Do a system scan and take the recommended actions to update your installed software

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