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I am new to MBAM and have some suggestions.

I would be good to have it automatically check for updates every few hours and before it does a scheduled scan or whenever the computer connects to the internet. The current schedule requires the setting of a specific time. This does not work well for me because i do not have the computer connected to the internet all the time.

Also, need more options for scheduling scans for people who use their computer in frequently eg weekly or when computer is idle.

It appears that the update is always 3.3mb. Why not just update the files that are missing?

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Why not just update the files that are missing?

Because it's a little more involved than that. It's not a modular file in that sense like some other programs use, though we are looking into possibly doing this for a future version.

As for scheduled methods that too is being looked at to use our own internal updating engine with more options. Hopefully some time early next year.

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@ Greyowl

I too am either on my computer infrequently at times/at inconsistent times.

Therefore, I have opted to turn off automatic updating and I just manually check for updates when I am on my computer, and I also manually start a scan, as I also have the automatic scan turned off.

This works well for me because I am very good about manually checking for updates for Mbam (as well as other programs). My AV of course is set to automatically update every 4 hours, and I also manually check it for updates when I go online for the first time in a day :)

I know this might not work very well for you or some others, but just an idea for you :)

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