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I am new to MBAM. I have a few questions:

Whenever I update, it downloads 3.3mb. I am wondering if this is normal.

If I schedule it to do a scan, will it automatically check for updates before doing the scan?

I use Avira Security Suite for my real-time protection. Is it ok to use MBAM protection mode with Avira, or will they conflict?

If I set it for Protection mode, will it automatically check for updates, or do I need to schedule this separately?

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You should setup scheduled updates. Avira and MBAM should work fine together. If you do have issue you may need to setup some files exclusions. Please see the FAQ for more details.


When I use the scheduled updating, it seems to do the same thing ie downloads 3.3mb. I am on a dialup internet so this takes some time each day for the updating. Does it download the entire data base each day?

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Yes, Greyowl, it downloads the entire database everytime.

Since you're on dial-up, I'd say you should probably only update once a day, this should be sufficient. Unless of course you find out about a FP on the forum, then update of course :)

It took about 10-15 minutes for Mbam to update for me too when I was updating it on a computer with dial-up. Only reason I say update it once a day on dial-up is because it takes a while, but if you'd like to update it more often, feel free to! :)

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You are quite welcome :) I had been wondering this myself, and I was going to post about it, but then I saw a reply that AdvancedSetup made to someone else in another thread that answered that question. He said that they may look into making incremental updates happen in the future. I don't know when or if this would happen, though.

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Thanks again.

I have another question. I posted it in the news section which is probably the wrong place. Anyway, I have v. 1.41 on my computer. Today, they released v.1.42. Is it best to uninstall v. 1.41 and then install v.1.42? Or, does it work ok to install v.1.42 over the old version?

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You're welcome, no problem at all! :)

You can do either. You can uninstall, restart your computer, and install a fresh copy, or you can download on top of the old version (via updating internally thru the interface).

What I usually do is, download a fresh copy from here, then I uninstall Mbam, restart, and then install my fresh copy of Mbam. :)

One of our experts, Exile, also recommends temporarily disabling your AV and Firewall while installing the new version. (If you choose to do this, and you don't have to do it that way, MAKE SURE that you turn off your internet first!)

(I'm about to update MBAM myself, so be back in a few!)

One more thing, forgot to say that you'll need to "start protection" (in the Protection tab) again after reinstalling, if you choose to uninstall first :)

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