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Trying to get to this Genealogy site in Germany, I keep getting the IP address shown and then do NOT connect to the web site. I get Problem Loading Page. If I turn off IP blocking I get there immediately. MalwareBytes is making Genealogy research very difficult as it keeps blocking my access to Genealogy sites around the world, even if the end destination site is not the problem, but some intermediary address between myself, here in Canada, and the site in the U.S, Germany, or wherever, is the problem. I cannot control the routing, after all. Suggestions are welcome, but these are sites I need to get to!

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Sadly, there were over 154 malicious sites on that IP range at the last check, which is why it's blocked;


Cannot reach hosts-file.net at all from here in Toronto. Get a Done on a blank screen. Sam Spade reports it is at but I simply cannot get there even using so what does it report? And when is the version where I can turn off blocking of selected IP addresses coming out? It said November, but we have reached the end of the month without it...

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Apologies for taking so long, the gateway died this morning whilst I was asleep. I've got that sorted out now so the site is accessible again.

With respect to the new version, I don't actually have an ETA myself, but my understanding is it will be out within a few days.

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