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Portable MBAM


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Hi just wondering if there have been any thoughts for a portable USB installation method (instead of having to make a bootable CD for each update).

Dont run away when I mention Linux, that obviously would need a specialist programmer for that OS, and I know we dont need it for linux OS, but it would be very useful to run for instance from a USB stick installation of Linux to scan a windows PC that is infected without having to boot the infected windows.

Suggested solution.....

Portable MBAM, and Wine, on a really cut down linux, Puppy?, running MBAM via wine would negate a linux specific version, but probably needs a portable version of MBAM which runs from its source folder in the root of the USB (ie not within the distro so that it can also be accessed via windows to update the definitions and portable MBAM itself) and finds all necessary files/updates within the same.

I had thoughts along the lines of a windows based USB stick (If thats possible, the best workable of that I have seen is here http://www.ngine.de/index.jsp?pageid=4176) but linux on USB would be so much easier.

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Hello nomnom,

If you do a search on the forum for the word portable you will see that this has been discussed many times - though I don't recall teaming MBAM with Wine specifically. The short answer is that it MAY happen someday, but it is not a priority. The way that MBAM works does not lend itself itself to that situation, and it just wouldn't be as effective. A better solution in these types of situations is to run another full anti-virus program from another disk/environment instead, followed up with a quick scan from MBAM in Windows normal mode.

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