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Avira - System Scan Schedule Question

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For those of you who use or who have used Avira, I just want to make sure that I have the right setting here.

First I had the scan job (this is under "available profiles" when you are setting up or editing the scan job) on

local hard drives (I believe that this is the default).

I just changed it to Complete system scan

Edit: I changed it back to local hard drives until I know what's best :)

Is one better than the other?

Which one do you recommend having the scan job set to?

It also looks as though the scan jobs were not carried out on the two days I had them set to, so I changed the time for that to happen, since the computer may not have been on at that time.

All updates have been getting through just fine, though :( Including the huge one from last week ;)

Anything else that I should know about setting up the schedules of the updater and/or the scan?

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Hello mountaintree,

I believe the "Local hard disk" selection is any hard drive physically connected to your computer that isn't removable... A complete system scan would include all drives, including locally and any network drives that are connected as well. I could be way off base here but that would be my assumption. I'm running both scans now to see if I can verify that. I will update you if I find anything different.


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Thanks for answering this for me Swagger and running both for me to let me know, I really appreciate that :( (Or may I call you Keith? :()

I just want to use the setting that is the best.

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No problem at all mountaintree... You can call me swagger or Keith :( I'll respond to both. Avira's help file isn't much help at all. Here's what it says about the 2 scan profiles:

Local hard disks

All local hard disks on your system are scanned for viruses or unwanted programs

Full system scan

All local hard disks on your computer are scanned for viruses or unwanted programs.

Same thing, am I right? Not very much help at all. I assume the Full system scan is more in depth though but I'd love for someone who knows more about Antivir to chime in :(

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Hi Keith.

Thank you for looking into this for me :) I did try looking at the help files first, just for the record, and I also found that they were of little help :(

Thanks again. I guess the computer is good to go with either, but I agree, the Full Scan is probably "fuller" hehe.

Hopefully someone who knows better will be able to chime in.

thanks again :(

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