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Antivirus System PRO destroys Chrome/IE


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Managed to finally remove the malware with Malwarebytes, spybot, rkill and some registry work, but in the process the spyware left Google Chrome and Internet Explorer unusable.. Although strangely enough.. Firefox and pretty much everything else works perfectly.. Removing and reinstalling chrome of course does nothing to fix the problem.

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didn't see an edit key on this forum.. so as an addendum: I could get Chrome ( but not IE ) working by fiddling with the proxy settings... but the internet I can run is immensely slower compared to how it was yesterday.. although the spyware and malware appears completely purged from my computer.

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I had the same symptoms (though I didn't try IE, just chrome). I also had a problem where Malwarebytes couldn't update.

A bit of reading lead me to this solution:

  • In chrome, through the "options"->"change proxy settings" OR through the "control panel"->"internet options"
  • Go to the "Advanced" tab and click "Restore Defaults" or similar (two different installs of XP gave me two slightly different options). I checked all possible stuff to restore
  • When that's done, go back to the "Connections" tab, click on "LAN Settings" and make sure nothing is checked (This alone may be sufficient, but I prefer to reset the whole thing just to make sure)

This restored the speed to my Chrome and let Malwarebytes perform an update.

Hopefully, it'll work for you

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