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Does WinPatrol do that?

"Alerts you to changes in IE Home and Search pages" is on the list of features for the free version, so I guess that would be a 'Yes'. So, my recommendation is WinPatrol for monitoring changes to Internet Explorer settings. For Firefox settings, I'm not really sure. Perhaps there's an extension? Or maybe you can make the config file read-only?

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Could be due to Roaming Profiles if setup by the Network Admin.

I was thinking that, but if he was on a roaming profile while logged into the network, then wouldn't he be able to set the Firefox homepage for that roaming profile, and it actually stay for the next logon? Granted I'm sure that certain things can be forced to read only, but a Firefox config folder doesn't sound like the kind of thing that a corporation would do that with.

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  • Root Admin

Actually had some others ask me that and it's possible but unlikely. That is controlled in a JavaScript preference file now days which can be edited but is typically out of scope for most Admins as they simply often want to control most items by registry changes.

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Thanks for all the comments, ideas, and help.

I discovered the nature of the problem. I am using an IBM laptop which has some IBM software for access connections (ThinkVantage). In this software, it allows you to specify a homepage that will then over-ride the setting in Firefox. So I just unchecked the box, and now I can set the homepage in Firefox.

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