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Forum page refreshing not right

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When I go from page to page, either in the same forum or another, I find that I if I refresh (or press F5) a given page, move around the forum a bit and then eventually return to that page I'm getting a version of the page that is older than when I left it!

It doesn't seem to be related to any particular page; i've noticed this when I've been reading at other sites forums too. Is this related to my cookies settings? I have the malwarebytes.org cookie in my Internet Options\Privacy\Sites set to "always allow" but could somebody tell me what I should set the cookies options at under the "Advanced" tab please? I'm using IE7.

I don't think my combination is quite right somehow :(

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It wouldn't be cookies if you're seeing older versions of posts/pages (ie, newer responses to threads going missing etc). That would be related to your browser cache I would think.

Please see if the following corrects it:

  • Open Internet Explorer and click on Tools (it looks like a silver cog wheel or gear) and select Internet Options
  • Make sure you are on the General tab
  • Look under where it says Browsing and click on the Settings button to the right of Delete...
  • In the Temporary Internet Files and History Settings window make sure that under Check for newer versions of stored pages: the Every time I visit the webpage option is selected and if it is not, do so now
  • Click OK to close that window then click Apply and then OK on the Internet Options window
  • Restart Internet Explorer and see if pages load correctly now

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