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Recommended Posts is the IP for website, Supreme Dolls and I assure you this has been reported unfairly.

Supreme Dolls is a Pageant and Photo Contest that has been running by Sheri Hooper along with Charming Belles, nearly a decade, with 100% Honor - ran by great and exceptional Directors since it's opening. Google her name.

Unfortunately some parents can start a nasty "vendetta time" when their children do not place with a high title that they wanted and it is guessed that is how this IP for Supreme Dolls has been reported negatively. There is nothing to harm anyone at SupremeDolls.com - I and others would like to be able to view their website and banners without having to turn off our Malware Bytes IP protection.

Malware Bytes IP Protection is very important, I do not want to turn it off to view this wonderful website, Supreme Dolls.

Please view the PRAISES from their Winners at SupremeDolls.com as well as CharmingBelles.com website. Both websites are of the Highest Integrity, ran by Sheri Hooper and both websites have LISTED Charities that they tithe 10% of every Event to - they are even listed for contact to show that this is not only a great pageant and photo contest but they actually give funds for charitable works.

Bottom line is they have been reported unfairly.


Please help SupremeDolls.com with the IP of



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Apologies for taking so long.

I can assure you, it's got nothing to do with this website. The IP is blocked because it houses a plethora of malicious domains;


Sadly, the owner of this IP, has never responded to any of the abuse reports I've sent, so all I can suggest if possible, is to advise the sites owner, that moving to a different host, would be a great idea.

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It's got absolutely nothing to do with the Pageants website. The reason the IP address is blocked is purely due to the amount of malicious domains present on it, and the hosting company (Yahoo) being unresponsive to abuse reports and not taking such down.

If issues such as this occured on their other IP's, they would also be blocked.

If the Pageants website was either moved to a different IP on the Yahoo range, or moved to a different hosting company, it wouldn't be blocked. As already mentioned, it's not the website itself that is being targetted for blocking, it simply sadly, has an IP address that contains too many malicious domains.

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I'm afraid Yahoo have mislead you if that's what they've told you. The attached report for example, shows quite a few sites on the affected IP, that have NEVER had their IP changed, some of which, date back to January, which is more than 6 months ago.

On the plus side however, analysis as of a few moments ago, shows there are now more non-malicious sites than malicious ones, and as such, the IP will be unblocked on the next update.


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Yahoo Domains -c/o- Yahoo.com has been notified of your banning practices.

We have been in touch with them for months to disable/remove various malicious domains they seem okay with hosting. We appreciate end users doing this as well; the more complaints they recieve, they might actually do something about it, so innocent sites like yours aren't caught up in the mix.

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