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Antivirus System Pro Issue.


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Actually, I think (But i'm not 100% certain) I might have beat antivirus system pro, I no longer am seeing popups, or getting error messages when I surf the web, or any other symptoms. Just this morning I ran a full system malware bytes scan, and nothing came back of it (thus I wont bother posting empty logs). However, what concerns me is that some programs (including norton), even today still seem to be acting strange, not properly registering with my windows security center, super anyi spyware also seems to be much slower than it used to be (though it does seem to function by all means).

Another concern of mine, is that I got this antivirus system pro while simply being on youtube, it popped up on its own, and attached itself to my computer somehow without norton, or any other programs even alerting me, let alone prompting me to download said rogue antivirus program (scareware?). I'm not sure how harmful the rogue antivirus system pro is supposed to be (And from what i've read online, a handful of other people seem to have gotten infected about the same time I did, seems just recently a new version or variant of antivirus system pro was released), but it seems to have left a mark on the general function of things like norton and super antispyware.

For reference, I was redirected from another topic..


My biggest concerns are how I got Antivirus system pro to begin with, I was under the impression youtube was a safe site, and why my norton and antivirus pro are still acting a bit strange (Norton telling the security center it is out of date, when it was only put in last month, and the general function of super anti spyware, I have reason to believe, I may still have malware?).

Insight would be appreciated, as awareness beforehand likely would have helped my problem to begin with. I suspect I should have probably came to the Mbam forums first before the norton community (at the very least, they sent me this way).

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Hi and welcome to Malwarebytes.

My apologies for the delay; we've been swamped recently.

It probably wasn't a Youtube video; someone might have linked you to a Youtube look-alike site that you didn't notice, or something similar to that effect.

Norton isn't the greatest choice of antivirus to have, in all honesty.

Do try uninstalling and reinstalling the applications that are malfunctioning. It is not uncommon for malware to leave residual effects after being cleaned.

Let me know if uninstalling reinstalling restored their functionality.


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