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Trouble with disabling IP-protection

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Hello. My title says everything. I have trouble with disabling the IP-protecting. I try to right-click on MBAM and then disable it by clicking on "Ip protection". I'm using Windows 7 64-bit. I have to press it several times before it disable itselfs. I haven't messed up anything in options(tho I cannot change anything in terms of the IP protection). Is this just a minor bug that Malwarebytes has in Windows 7, and will it come several Windows 7 bug fixes in the near future? Anyway, please help me.



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Hi Esetisthebest,

I don't think it's a Win7 problem as much as an x64 problem. I have the same thing going on in Vista x64. It does work though. It just seems to take forever to actually turn it off. It turns on much faster. What I find is that if I wait 20 seconds or so and check again, it is off. I would think it would be almost instantaneous, but it's not. The next version of MBAM is currently in private beta testing, and it seems to work better, but for me, turning it off is still not real quick. One thing you might want to consider in the meanwhile is the registry tweak that starts Windows with IP blocking disabled. You can then toggle it back on after you've gone to whatever site(s) that are being blocked. Also see the post just below that one for x64 versions of Windows. The next version of MBAM will allow you to add blocked sites to a whitelist.

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